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Obesity and Diabetes Robotic Surgery

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Created by following NASA's robotic arm model for object manipulation in space, the Da Vinci Robot produces a revolution in surgeries which require maximum precision. It follows the surgeon's instructions with absolute precision, allowing for movements and acces to places which would otherwise be difficult to access.  

It was designed by Intuitive Surgical and approved by the FDA-USA since the year 2000 for digestive surgery. It has been calculated that this device has helped in more than 3 million surgical interventions since then.
Currently, this system is considered as the best robotic surgical system.  IntraObes has it available in Hospital Universitario HLA-Moncloa (Madrid)and in Hospital IMED Valencia  Da Vinci Xi (latest generation). Ptients from Hospital La Vega (Murcia) can be operated in Madrid and afterwards have their follow-ups conducted in en Murcia. Within the Madrid Community their are 13 Da Vinci Robots currently (April 2019). In the Valencian Community there are 2 available, the one in our hospital (which is the only one in Valencia) and another one in Torrevieja (Alicante). 

The Da Vinci robotic system allows millimetrical precision as it expands mechanicaly and digitally the surgeon's movements, eliminating hand tremor, which makes it especially useful in those surgeries where accuracy makes a difference.
The term "robot" can lead to misconception, as the Da Vinci system is not programmed to work independently but rather follow strictly the surgeon's instructions. This way, it is more of a "master-slave" system than a robot.