Gastric Band

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Gastric Band

Mechanism of action
A soft silicone ring is placed with minimally invasive surgery around the patient's stomach.

BMI 30-40

Procedure Duration
45-60 minutes. General Anaesthesia.

Hospital Stay
1 Day

Return to normal activity
7 Days

The patient's monitoring must be conducted by a bariatric surgeon every 12-18 months. The absence of  specialist monitoring may reduce the results and increase the risk for complications. 

The gastric band procedure has long been not recommended by us in any case, only as an alternative when patients reject other techniques.  Despite this, when results are analysed for patients with BMI 30-40 and proper dietary habits, the number of overweight lost is almost 60% in those cases in which the gastric band is not required to be withdrawn. Therefore, it is an option to be considered within the bariatric surgery techniques, accepted by all  expertise scientific communities both nationally and internationally. 

The gastric band procedure is a surgery which requires adjustments and an intense monitoring. The patient must be aware that he must eat slowly and in small ammounts. He must also be aware and accept the general risks and specific for having a prosthesis placed.    

Risks for complications

The patient must be aware of the general risks and those specific to this prostheses:
gastric erosion, slip or infection.  It has been observed that placed in patients with any BMI and with any eating profile, it only maintains its benefits long term in 1 out of 3 cases, hence it's recommendation must be well studied. The short tem risk is similar to a gastric plicature, POSE or Apollo. 

Grade of recommendation with available scientific evidence
Medium. Approved by the American FDA and Spanish SECO. 

Loss of 60% overweight after 9 months in selected cases.