Gastric Balloon

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Mechanism of action

Temporary restriction of the patient's stomach volume by the placement of a gastric balloon. This contributes to modifying eating habits and loosing weight. It produces a decrease in food intake and early satiety in the patient. 


It is indicated for patients with BMI between 28 and 40.

Procedure Duration

It takes 30 minutes to place the gastric balloon and 30 minutes to remove it.

Hospital Stay

1 Hour. Both the ingestible and ingestible-digestible do not require endoscopy nor anesthesia, only x-ray monitoring.

Return to normal activity
2-3 days

Removal after 3,6 or 12 months or spontaneous disposal after 4 months depending on balloon type. Monitoring after 12-18 months conducted by Doctor, Psychologist, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. 

Simple and Secure

TEMPORARY technique for weight loss. High weight regain incidence, specially in patients with BMI > 33-35.

Low-Risk option
Low risk in the gastric balloon's placement.

Grade of recommendation with available scientific evidence 
High recommendation. Highest in 6 months balloon (as approved by FDA)

60% Loss of excess weight in BMI 30-35. Weight regain after 2 years in 50% of patients.


Primer balón ajustable de la Comunidad por IntraObes

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