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Bariatric Surgery revision price

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Bariatric Surgery revision price

16.000 €

Within the Revision Weight Loss Surgery we do NOT charge any extra cost, only that of the technique used in the procedure, which is usually a bypass or vertical sleeve gastrectomy (sleeve or tube).
The surgery has an extra cost of 400 € due to the medical insurance being more expensive and thus is paid by the patient directly to the insurance company.

The Revision Weight Loss Surgery price includes: 

  • Pre-operation tests
  • Pre-anesthetic evaluation
  • Surgery 
  • Medicines included within the hospìtal stay after procedure
  • Monitoring during 2 years conducted by our medical team
  • Digestive pre-operation study
  • Medical insurance up to 15.000€

To be noted:

This offer does not include any extra studies or treatments that the patient may need due to his BMI or risk factors.

Técnica Revisión Bariátrica
* 12-month interest-free financing. Financing available up to 60 months subject to the approval of the financial institution.